Tuesday, 20 January 2009

God - the Cosmic Mind

Energy is information and everything is made of information. When packets of information come together because of other information which are laws of attraction, matter is created.

Matter is made of energy which is assembled in a logical way and energy is information and the information implies a mind, a Cosmic Mind. Or, as the Anunnaki would say, the God of All.

Humans have spiritual qualities that reflect the coming together of the information that created the universe and this is why we like being with people and it's why we don't like being on our own for a long time. It is why being alone can have negative effects.

Most animals too, like being with their kind and the need to be with others is a refection of the laws of attraction that created and brought the universe into existence - and is still bringing matter into existence from energy which is information, from the Cosmic Mind.

This is why it is said that God is love and why love is divine and it has a lot to do with Creation. However, there are also destructive events and stars are being destroyed and these events are happening at the same time as Creation.

So if everything came from God then God is neither male nor female, nor is the God of all good or bad. For us however, showing compassion and love is a reflection of the creativeness of God. Hate on the other hand is destructive, even to those who hate.


Michael Irving said...

MORE articles please!

Michael Irving said...

Did you write that, John?

I have just read it more slowly.. and it is intriguing and informing.

And uplifting.

Thanks, Michael

Speaking Truth said...

Course I did Michael.

Michael Irving said...

Well, I never... (am speechless)... well sometimes (fortunately) I AM speechless. Happy Noo Year, John. M