Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Pastor and Antichrists

Dear Pastor,

Trillions of people pray and of those trillions, millions pray for peace in the world. So why is the world still full of hate, violence and wars? Why are bodies of babies and children being blown to bits in wars, while parents of all faiths sincerely pray for them to not get hurt? While we may talk about prayers, why aren't their prayers being answered? After all, God is love and God is Almighty - isn't that right? So what is wrong here?

Then today people are being tortured and these surely cry out to God for the torture to end. Imagine you were being tortured, you would certainly pray but why would you, Pastor, be so special that God will answer your prayers and not the others? Because you are a 'man of the cloth'? Come on, don't give me that, get real...

There are also many millions of people starving to death and despite many prayers, they watch their children suffer and slowly die. It breaks my heart Pastor and I've got tears in my eyes, so how do the parents who watch their children starve to death feel? Why aren't their prayers answered?

It's not that I don't believe there is a Creator but in view of what is happening in the world it seems to me that the prayers of people (and for them) who are in real need, are not being answered.

Why, despite many prayers, is the world so full of suffering and hate? Something is wrong, don't you think? There must be a reason, do you know what it is? Could it be because of something we are doing or are not doing?

So here's the riddle. If God is love where on earth has love gone? If God is love and love has gone, wouldn't that mean that God has also gone from this tiny earth in the cosmos? So could it be that someone other than God, someone unjust, is answering your prayers whilest not answering those who need help much more than we do? That would seem a logical conclusion to me.

As you should know Pastor, the Bible says there are many Antichrists, not just one. So if there is indeed a Christ, then those who start wars and because of lies murder thousands of people (including children) must by definition, be an Antichrist! I do hope you agree.

So what about us, as we agree to or let wars happen, what does that make us, if not Antichrists too? And what are we, if not an Antichrist, when we drive big cars and live in expensive houses and enjoy material things and eat lots of food, while so many in the world are starving to death (or are being murdered through wars) because of our lifestyle?

You see Pastor, I am not one your sheep. I believe that prayers are answered from God when we do something more meaningful than simply pray to help people in the world.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Message for 9-11 truth seekers and all good people

JB, a fellow member of the 9-11 truth movement writes,

"Let me tell you good people how I see things currently. Every single one of you people is a hero. Only you do not know it yet.

You are an unarmed group of civilians who is peacefully taking on one of the most hideously well-funded Fascist type regimes ever to exist. Hitler’s media machine was nothing compared to the might you chaps have been up against.

You have battled now since I can't remember when, and you have managed to turn the tide of public opinion. You ALL, without exception, have done more than your fair share over and over and over again.

People are now starting to really look again at the 911 & 77 issues with more open minds despite billions of media machinery attempting to blanket or distort the facts & key issues.

The Bush regime is now falling apart at the seems, the former press officer is speaking out and Generals are resigning and telling it as it is. Indeed, US officers and high-ranking military officials are now publicly questioning the official 911 lies.

As you all know I now only focus on specific campaigns or projects, which have a specific target and hopefully a definite positive outcome and of which are run in a professional manor. I now want to focus more on the political mechanism to bring about justice & freedom for all.

This focusing is deliberately intended to prevent battle fatigue.

May I respectfully request you good people do not lose sight of the bigger picture developing around us all. May I respectfully ask that you put all bones of contention in a bag and chew over them at a later date, and here is why.

Around February/March this year there were plans set for Bush to attack Iran. However, due to the work put in by members of the truth movement, anti war movements and others the officers in charge refused to launch the attack on Iran.

Bush has since moved those top brass out and moved in those who will do his dirty work. As you know this past week Bush went around Europe drumming up support & troops to free up his US troops in Afghanistan.

June/July/ August are highly likely to be the months Bush attacks Iran. If he does we can expect retaliation against both British forces and the US 7th fleet in the Gulf.

If Iran places mines in the gulf all Gulf oil will stop flowing and the price of food etc will increase considerably because no insurance company will cover the cargo hence it can not leave port.

Bush knows the 7th Fleet is most vulnerable to the new anti ship missiles Iran has purchased from Russia because they have been doing war simulations and every single scenario shows the 7th fleet will be lost within 1 week.

If the 7th fleet is hit hard Bush could use that as an excuse to launch nukes at Iran. That nuke attack could be the trigger that sets off a much wider conflict, hence Bush could call for martial law in the US.

If so, there will be no 2008 US election.

Now, I hope to goodness none of this ever happens people, but looking at the US record we could already be too late.

To stand any chance of averting this potentially lethal conflict we must unite & focus efforts on uniting all those good souls who are opposed to the dark side, to fight this bigger threat we all face.

I ask that we do this immediately.

Monday, 23 June 2008

State Senator Karen Johnson speaks out

On June 10, 2008, State Senator Karen Johnson (AZ-R) honored Blair Gadsby, who went on a hunger strike to bring attention to the cause of 9/11 truth. She addressed the Arizona Senate about the unanswered questions of 9/11 and distributed copies of Improbable Collapse to each member. You can hear her courageous speech (on video) by clicking on the link below.